“We must abolish nuclear weapons, or they will abolish us”

Por: Melanie Abergel

Jonh F. Kennedy’s quote elucidates the DISEC UN committee on today’s discussion.

In this morning, on the committee of Disarmament and International Security (United Nations General Assembly First Committee), the same subjects that had already been discussed were approached. In contrast, on a controversial report, was introduced the topic which an export ship that supposedly carried engine pieces and disappeared on Iran’s coast for two days while on its way to Pakistan. According to the news, experts have analysed the frame of the ship and found out that it had remainings of enriched uranium, leading the committee into a crisis.

The issue of uranium proliferation is a theme of extreme relevance and delicacy because it endangers underdeveloped countries given the inability to develop the technologies that other countries of this committee want to boost, which could be harmful.

According with this information, surely, the discussion about the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East must be taken as the center of attention, because of the precarious situation in which the population is inserted.