Disarmament and International Security (United Nations General Assembly First Committee)

The risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East

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Língua: Inglês

Representação: Individual

Diretoria: Laura Azevedo, Igor dos Santos, Erik Novak, Bruna Spina


“So long as nuclear weapons continue to exist, so will the temptation to threaten others with overwhelming military force.” Daisaku Ikeda. The world has been facing a growing exponential risk under the possibility of proliferation of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons have the power to destroy life way quicker than they are created but have nonetheless been used by states to demonstrate the power and seek for their own economic and political interests by threatening others with this overwhelming military force. Nations have watched nuclear tension grow between world powers such as the United States, North Korea, Iran, and many others, while craving to either stop those powerful arsenals from growing or building their own. However, the chance to look after effective solutions regarding the risks and consequences of the actual use of those nuclear weapons, especially on very risky and turbulent areas, such as the Middle East, has been mostly dismissed. It is essential that, under such an unstable area, with huge devolving nuclear powers, this subject is addressed. Hoping to come to effective accords, and hoping to create a safeguard for life under the age of nuclear weapons we summon a meeting to debate “The risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East”, under a DISEC committee.