After the first test of a nuclear weapon prototype, the head office of Project Manhattan intends to launch bombs into Axis powers.

Por: Vécio Alves Packer

From February to June 1944, as the project develops, so does the planning of future actions in the committee.

After meetings in February, April, May and June, 1944, the U.S. Cabinet developed more plans, as the bombs were being made. One question that was properly planned was the safety measurements to the organization of the Project, as convoys to escort areas around the test and transportation of the materials needed. Besides this, invasive interrogations were made by the Organization of Strategic Services (OSS), as many delegates seemed to come back from it with hit marks on their faces.

As the prototype’s tests are over and as the majority of the committee was in favor of the launching, it is more bound to happen.The throwing of the bomb brings the ethical issues to the debate, as it will affect the enviroment and maybe civilians too, as well as the need to choose a place for the bombing.

In debate measures, as the U.S. Cabinet has delegates with political interests, as well as military interests and even empresarial and scientific interests, decisions should be taken with caution.