Canada proposes: creating new antibiotics to fight the antibiotic resistance – is it the best solution?

Por: Marina Meireles

In the World Health Organization (WHO) debate the country proposed this measure but was criticized by the other delegations.

 In today’s debate about “Antibiotic Resistance” in the WHO, the Canadian delegate suggested a controversial measure to end this global threat. In the statement, the delegate presented that a way to fight it would be creating new antibiotics that worked against the resistance. The most part of the present delegates didn’t agree with Canada, because that would demand a lot of money to make new researches, and not all the countries have the money to contribute even with other countries help. Clearly, creating new antibiotics is not the best short-term solution, but in the future, despise money issues, it might be a way to decrease the resistance.

Meanwhile, the delegation of Germany proposed that if the countries improve their hygiene, the use of antibiotics would decrease and the money that would be expended with researches could be used for other things, including hygiene, although this will not solve the complete problem. The delegates also discussed ways to teach people about how antibiotics can be used and why they can’t in different situations.

The anti-vaccines movement was also debated and the delegates presented arguments about focusing on the life quality that vaccines can bring but also their side effects.