Committee meeting of the UN causes controversy between some countries.

Por: Sofia Furtado

The meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) committee in a United Nations debate not only was vague but also led to a strife between North Korea and the United States of America.

On July 2nd during a meeting of (WHO) committee about the antibiotics resistance as a global threat and anti-vaccine movement, the US and North Korea argued about their health system.

It all started when the country commanded by King Jong-un provoked the Trump’s nation saying that their health system was not ideal as they claimed to be, which supported the idea of North Korea to ban the antibiotics from the market and keep them public so that the government can control the use of it. After this, the United States rebutted the argument claiming that the North Korea government does not invest enough in health because they prioritize the nuclear program. Although the fight ended fast, the tension between those countries remained strong during the meeting.

Besides that, the committee reunion was also vague and not very productive for the most part, since the countries maintained their claims and could not easily agree on a consensus. The delegates constantly called for motions for non-moderated debates, in which they tried to arrive at a solution to the agenda that would please most of the countries.

Since the theme of the debate was the antibiotics resistance and the anti-vaccine movement, it was hard for the delegates to find a solution to the problem, given that this is a worldwide problem and it is different between underdeveloped and developed nations.