Crisis at a UN committee reunion unite different countries

Por: Sofia Furtado

The WHO committee has just had a crisis involving the health of some delegates during one of their meetings, which led to a surprising event.

On July 3rd, during the meeting of the WHO comittee, which discussed the antibiotics resistance and the anti-vaccine movement, some delegates were diagnosed with smallpox, one of the most severe viral diseases in the world and one of the most contagious.

The delegates from India, Venezuela, Denmark, Switzerland and France were the first ones to be infected by the virus. Later, the North Korea delegate was also diagnosed with it.

Since smallpox can only be prevented with vaccines and the delegates were concerned with the spread of the illness throughout their territory, the other countries of the meeting had to unite, so that they could find a solution together.

The delegate of the United States of America was the first one to offer the vaccines, but its president Donald Trump denied it, claiming that the Americans should keep the vaccines for their own use when needed, since it is one of the largest populations in the world and it would not have enough medicines to use if they had to share with other countries. This event resulted in the union of all of the countries, with each one offering vaccines to their own respective ally.

All of the infected were saved in a spare of an hour, except for the North Korea delegate that had to remain quarantined for the rest of the debate.