CRISIS: Measles is back attacking children in North and South America.

Por: Marina Meireles

The World Health Organization was surprised with the comeback of the epidemic disease.

During today’s debate an unexpected crisis has hit the World Health Organization and made the delegates look for a quick solution for the epidemies, in particular measles, that can come back in different parts of the world. The first country that reported cases of measles was the United States of America, in the southern region, that, as always, has tried contact with their President but the response wasn’t quite helpful.

Among a lot of critiques, the american delegate declared, in an emotional speech, that his country is not going to close the borders or make vaccination mandatory. As the other countries tried to solve the problem before the disease would spread to other countries, cases of measles started to appear in Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Argentina and a suspected case in Venezuela. Fortunately, the Georgia State University, which was contacted in the moment, had developed a drug that would cure the infected kids, and successfully end the crisis.

As a resolution, the committee made an official document, in which national and international press will contribute with by sharing with the readers what is happening and how they can prevent this kind of crisis, among others. WHO is focused in ending the anti-vaccine movement, and by doing that, develop new ways to treat people.