“If we all hold hands, who will draw the weapons?”

Por: Melanie Abergel

This Wednesday the committee of Disarmament and International Security (United Nations General Assembly First Committee) has welcomed the budgetary committee to discuss the necessary funds to transform the items of their agenda into reality.

Yesterday, each group of nations made a draft of the document and combined it into one document that agrees with the topics on their agenda.
They read the document together and tried to achieve an acquiescence. They all agreed to do two meetings per year during tree years to discuss the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The meeting does not necessarily have to happen in the UN office, therefore must be held in a neutral country. The best option turned to the meeting be held in South Africa because is more financially viable.

The nuclear weapons as a demonstration of power and how they can threaten the human rights were also discussed. The delegate of the French Republic said as a mouthful: “ I have nuclear weapons as a protection in case of extremely emergency”. South Africa and Cuba agree that the possession of nuclear weapons is indeed a threat. Therefore, when you threat to use them, you are threatening the human rights.