Manhattan Project follows as time is necessary to the making of the bomb

Por: Vécio Alves Packer

The new project to build a secret weapon continues. By the end of three sessions, that happened in August, October and December, 1943, the members wait for the construction of the bombs (defined 2) to be finished.

In the new meetings, issues such as plutonium or uranium bombs were debated. The physicist Enrico Fermi colaborated, in October, and claims that the plutonium bomb is more powerful than the previous ones. However, it costs more money and takes more time to produce than uranium.

Later, there were debates related to strategic matters, as the Chief of State the of army said that “we need to buy time for the project”. For this topic, the use of letters for asking and recommending were highly used.

It was also discussed ethical issues, in which were given priority to United States citizens, as the Axis threatens civil security. The Dupont chemical company has shown a proposal of making one bomb per month, while there is enough technology. Besides that, long term consequences were also a issue to be taken cared of.

Finally, December countains informations such as a robberyof uranium, spionage and counter-espionage programs, and a 175 million dollars worth of in-government budget help.