The delegates ignore important intervention on WHO committee meeting

Por: Sofia Furtado

While they we´re in crisis, the delegates from the WHO ignored a polemic intervention involving Donald Trump

On 4th of July, there was a crisis on the WHO (World Health Organization) United Nations committee meeting which involved a measles outbreak on the south of the United States. This case not only killed 6 people in total but it also spread around Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and the north of the United States.

During that crisis, a news about the president of the United States leaked. It said that Donald Trump supported a candidate that did not promote any vaccine campaigns at his proposals for the election of 2020. The health of many countries is getting affected because of the current anti-vaccine movement that is stopping part of the population to take this type of medicine. Even though the president did not support the anti-vaccine movement directly, his action definitely seemed inappropriate considering the world current scenario.

Since the theme of the meeting was about the anti-vaccine movement and the crisis involved a disease that can only be prevented by the use of this type of medication, the delegates should have paid more attention the news about the president. The fact that Donald Trump supported a candidate that did not mention about vaccine campaigns is important, especially because of the intense movement that is currently happening around the world, so the delegates seemed negligent when they we’re debating about the crisis.

Besides that, since the measles outbreak started on United States of America, the information about the president was supposed to have been taken into consideration during their debate. Despite this problem the crisis was solved in a spare of an hour and a half.